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Bolton Free Library

National Garden Week Poster
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Visit your library or access the multi-library online catalogue at sals.edu and check out one or more of these books.

Hillview Library

Caldwell-Lake George

Mountainside Library  

Crandall Public Library
What is my Garden Club (LGCGB) doing in my library?

Check out our new displays in our local libraries!  Each year, we celebrate National Garden Week by donating $25 worth of books to each of our 5 local libraries.  Then, during the first week of June , we set up a display of materials from National, membership flyers for our Club, an arrangement of flowers/plants and an array of books on gardening and related subjects - many if which we have donated over the years. The displays are up all week. 

Many thanks to our librarians: Bolton (Megan Baker), Caldwell in Lake George (Marie Ellsworth), Crandall in Glens Falls (Andrea Herman), Hillview in Diamond Point (Jane O'Connell) and Mountainside in Lake George (members Jean Meyer and Apryl Kingsley). 

Book Donations 
Book donatio
"Secrets of the Soil" 
by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird

"The Aromatherapy Garden: Grow Fragrant Plants for 
  Happiness and Well-Being"

 by Kathi Keville

"Caterpillars of Eastern North America"

 by D. 

"Native Plants of the Northeast "

by David Leopold​
"The Cabaret of Plants"

by Richard Mabey​